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With nearly one million square feet of indoor floor space, the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center is one of the premier event locations in Pennsylvania. Offering flexible space for private meetings to large complex wide events, the unique layout of the complex allows for crowds of any size.  The complex has three arenas, eight major halls, twelve meeting room spaces and a banquet hall facility.

For more information about booking your event, download our Event Guide or Conference Meeting Planning Document.  We invite you to take a facility tour to see how your event can come to life at our venue.  Browse the photo gallery below to view the wide variety of events hosted at the complex.

Floor Plans

With more than 24 acres under one roof, the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center is waiting for you to book your next event.  With plenty of space and friendly, accommodating staff, the complex is perfect for even the most complicated floor plan events.

Our flexible floor plans include:

  • Weis Exposition Hall - 172,000 square feet
  • Main Hall - 146,527 square feet
  • North Hall - 56,000 square feet
  • Northwest Hall - 55,000 square feet
  • Northeast Hall - 38,600 square feet
  • West Hall - 38,000+ square feet
  • East Hall - 16,500 square feet
  • New Holland Large Arena - 8,000 square feet at floor; 7,318 seats
  • Equine Arena - 39,200 square feet at floor; 1,660 seats
  • Sale Arena - 4,000 square feet at floor, 918 seats


Catering by SAVOR at the PA Farm Show Complex.jpgSAVOR is the exclusive catering and concessions provider at the PA Farm Show Complex and Expo Center. Over the last 30 years, SAVOR has catered receptions for private small gatherings to 30,000 plus events. They offer food and concession services to more than 140 locations throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Retail Food Service
SAVOR focuses on providing the best quality locally available ingredients to offer foods that are simple, wholesome and delicious. SAVOR embraces the PA Preferred Products program and the quality and freshness it embodies. Through existing relationships with PA Preferred suppliers, they look forward to the continued growth of this program to provide local, fresh meals to events at the Complex. If you are looking to provide specific concessions at your event, please contact Savor at 717-233-3120.

Catering Service
SAVOR considers food as an amenity offered to guests of the facility, not just a necessary part of doing business. In practice and policy, They are customer centric driven, team focused, and committed to working to provide world class food and beverage experience for guests of the facility. SAVOR strives for the "wow" factor- having patrons explain the food was better than ever expected. Please contact Savor at 717-233-3113 if you are looking for catering for your next event.

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