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Pennsylvania is proud to host the largest indoor agricultural exposition under one roof in the nation. The event showcases the quality and breadth of Pennsylvania's agriculture industry and the people who make it thrive. The show offers visitors a tiny slice of the industry that employs nearly half a million people and contributes $185 billion to Pennsylvania's economy every year. 

View the 2022 PA Farm Show Visitor's Guide. Both cash and credit will be accepted for paid parking. All Farm Show managed concession will be credit card only.

After our first ever virtual show in 2021, we're excited to get back to a more traditional in person show and yet continue with some of the new virtual experiences that have allowed Pennsylvanians to participate and join the Farm Show in new ways. 

Here are some NEW events and features to check out this year!


In agriculture, it is only natural to harvest after you cultivate. Following the 2021 theme of Cultivating Tomorrow, we are Harvesting More in 2022. Throughout the pandemic and recovery, we experienced less – less gatherings with family and friends, less agricultural fairs and livestock shows, less opportunity to gather and network, less opportunity for hands-on agriculture education. Now is the time for more. Not only more of what we went without during the pandemic, but more of all that we need for a successful agriculture industry and a food-secure, sustainable world.

We will celebrate Pennsylvania agriculture at the 106th Farm Show, January 8-15, 2022.