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The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is the agency in Pennsylvania responsible for protecting and preserving the land, air, water, and public health through enforcement of the state's environmental laws.

Learn about some of their initiatives through the links below.

Healthy Waters, Healthy Communities

DEP watershed preview.JPG This story-map shares information that can be readily incorporated into the Meaningful Watershed Education Experiences (MWEEs) framework.

Reducing water pollution that has no boundaries is a challenge across the United States. But Pennsylvanians are becoming aware of the cost that unhealthy streams and rivers have for our quality of life and livelihoods. They're taking actions on their farms, in their communities, and at their businesses and homes.

The Susquehanna River Story: Pennsylvania's Chronicle

DEP Susquehanna River preview.JPG DEP developed this virtual chronicle of the issues facing the Susquehanna Watershed and, in addressing the decline of smallmouth bass populations beginning in 2005, the water quality challenges the river faces including the impact of Agriculture, Abandoned Mine Drainage, Stormwater, and Dams. This resource can provide environmental educators with an overview of these challenges facing the mighty Susquehanna and assist in student's development of a MWEE Action Plan.

Pennsylvania DEP Falcon Cam

FalconWireNews.jpg Peregrine falcons have made their home year after year on the 15th floor of the Rachel Carson State office building in downtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They are followed by four cameras, including infrared for nighttime viewing, streaming fulltime year round to give the residents of Pennsylvania and the world a glimpse into the life of these magnificent creatures.

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