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Commercial Vendors

Information for Commercial Vendors interested in participating in the 2024 Pennsylvania Farm Show is being developed. Once it's available, that information will be available on this page.

2024 Commercial Exhibitor Forms and Information

Prospective Exhibitor's Form - Provide information about your exhibit. Certain guidelines may apply, depending on the type of product and the location of your sales or displays. Detailed information will be provided prior to receiving an invitation to participate in the show. 

2024 Rate Structure Chart (PDF) 

Market Place Fact Sheet (PDF) - Learn about the Market Place and the requirements necessary for a display or selling booth. 

Farm Show Map (PDF)- View the Farm Show Map to see locations and placements. 

Commercial Exhibitor's Guide (PDF)- After you are confirmed as an exhibitor, you will want to review all of this detailed information regarding your participation in the show. 

Exhibits are limited to companies whose products and services are of specific interest to attendees. The Department of Agriculture and Farm Show Complex and Expo Center has the right to determine eligibility of a company or product for inclusion and may reject any or all applications. The Department of Agriculture and/or Farm Show Complex and Expo Center may prohibit, close, correct, remove or eliminate an exhibit or any part of an exhibit that it determines is not suitable to, or in keeping with, the Show's character.