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 What’s New in 2018?

Here’s a glimpse of some of what’s in store that hasn’t been here before.

More PA Pride in the Spotlight! More youth than ever will show off their skills in 2018. New Jr. Livestock Exhibitor classes include sheep, goats and swine. Qualifiers from each animal class compete for the title of Master Showman in four age groups. Youth Pleasure Horse Showmanship will join the line-up of new youth competitions. Cheer on Pennsylvania’s finest young farmers as they strut their stuff! 

Organic Explosion…the good kind. Production of certified organics in Pennsylvania has skyrocketed! We’re number two in the nation. Check out the new organic produce competition to see the finest in PA organics.

Sippin’ Cider Through a Straw…among the amazing diversity of competitions during Farm Show, 2018 will feature a brand new Cider Competition. Recognizing surging consumer demand for hard ciders, Pennsylvania has risen to #6 in cider producers nationally in 2017, with new varieties bubbling up constantly. Twenty-six competitors entered their hard ciders in seven categories. Winners will be announced on Saturday, January 6th and displayed during the show.

Winning Wreaths…Pennsylvania Christmas trees have long been part of the competitive agenda at Farm Show, with winners qualifying for the national competition and a chance to supply the White House Christmas Tree. This year, Christmas wreaths join the line-up of outstanding PA products to compete for bragging rights.

Get messy and have a ball…a meatball, that is. The Meatball Showdown, on the Culinary Connection Stage at noon on Monday, pits junior chefs against one another to see who is the fastest meatball maker in the West. (West of the Atlantic, that is.) Sit in the splash zone for a taste of some PA-sourced sauce!

STEM Stuff – An 1800’s plow gave us the term, “cutting edge.” Today’s agriculture careers use cutting- edge technology to give us better food; healthier animals, plants and soil; and tools to conquer climate challenges. Boost your kids’ STEM knowledge at the PA Department of Agriculture booth in the Main Hall on Monday with bunny heartbeats, seed science, and much more. Check into conservation at Diversity on Display in the Expo Hall to learn how farmers put science to work to improve our soil, our water, our food, and our world.

Hop on down and bid on a bunny! Rabbits make their debut this year in the Jr. Livestock sale.

Multiplying Moo-ers. More animals will walk out of Farm Show than walked in…and not because there are 1,500 rabbit competitors. Calving Corner will make its debut this year, offering show-goers the opportunity to witness the miracle of birth. What’s more, visitors will see veterinarians at work and get an in-depth look at the care and stewardship farmers invest in the health and well-being of their animals.

Visit Diversity on Display every day in the Expo Hall – learn about Beef, Poultry, Pork & Conservation, their impact on our economy, our communities, our environment — and of course, our palates! Check out some fun and fascinating facts about beef, poultry and pork. See if you can answer the age-old conundrum of, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” The conservation display will demonstrate how farmers improve soil and water quality through no-till, cover crops and other green planting practices.

Are you a farmer wannabe? Find out how to fulfill your farm dreams at So You Wanna’ be a Farmer?, this year’s Know Your Farmer exhibit in the Main Hall. Or, just stop by to connect your love of food to the folks who make it happen. The youngest visitors can dive into the dirt to dig up some veggies in a simulated plot – a little mid-winter dirt therapy. Backyard gardeners or experienced farmers can swap ideas, try out tools for their next project, or learn how to maintain small equipment. And a high-tunnel, a passive solar greenhouse, will be the place for inspiration and education needed to extend your growing season and reap the benefits.

Locally-grown, locally-sourced stars will shine as Pennsylvania musical talent takes center stage to cap off a day of Farm Show fun! Head to the Large Arena at 6 p.m. Tuesday, for country tunes provided by Central Pennsylvania favorites Make Mine Country and Chapel Hill.

Agricultural Artistry…If you’re a habitual viewer of the annual Rose Parade on New Year’s Day, or just up for some fun with an unusual (but retro) artistic medium, this display will seed your imagination. Think Princess Leia in peppercorns, Mickey Mouse in mustard seeds, a pumpkin seed polar bear, or a dried pea dragon. Check out the crop art masterpieces created for the 2017 Dillsburg Farmers Fair and on display for your inspiration and enjoyment in the Family Living area of the Main Hall. 

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