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What’s New at the 2020 Farm Show?

Foodie Heaven ─ Opportunities for a Flavor Swoon

New in the Food Court, PennAg brings you Chiques Creek Hemp Tea in 3 great-tasting, unique flavors – original, passionfruit-mint and peach-lemon-dandelion. Made with hemp seed oil, not CBD, for a new taste sensation made with PA's hot new crop! PennAg will bring back Bell & Evans organic, gluten-free chicken tenders, adding a family value-pack to the mix.

Mushroom Farmers of PA bring you the Philly Port Sandwich – 100% Pennsylvania Portabella mushrooms seasoned with garlic, onions, salt, pepper and cheese – a plant-based, guilt-free alternative to cheesesteak, also available in vegan and gluten-free versions.

Never fear carnivores, PA Livestock Association will add gluten-free meatballs and a Sausage O' the Day to their meaty line-up of favorites.

Fried Berry Oreos join the menu of sweet favorites like apple cider donuts, honey ice cream and funnel cakes.

It's the Cider Competition's third year, so you can sip a sample, including new categories of modern dry, modern sweet and dessert cider, and buy a cidery treat to take home.

Craft Beer ─ New in 2019, new classes were added for over 150 artisan-crafted brews. Now you can swig a sample of Best in Class, Best of Show and PA Preferred® Legacy Award winners.

Potato Candy, Nut Pies, Fruit Pies, Evercrisp apples add class(es) to food competitions.

Farmers Market debuted in Main Hall last year with take-home tastes of Pennsylvania brought to you by the PA Farmers Market Association. Find cheese, honey, maple products, potatoes, veggies, apples and more treats to take home.

Info-tainment & Excitement Opportunities

Fluffy Fun ─ The Rabbit Competition multiplies, bunny-style, with Siamese Sable Britannia Petites (tipping scales at only 2.5 pounds), Tan Belgian Hares and Black, Brown and Fawn Silvers. And the Dog Law Enforcement folks bring you AKC Meet the Breeds, Working Dog and Agility Demos – as far from the rabbits as possible.

Artisans Alley ─ A Quilt Trail and Tinsmith Michael Felk join all-star artisan lace-makers, spinners, wheat weavers, horse-hair braiders, potters, chair caners, wood carvers and more.

Avian Adventures -- Fawn over frolicking fowl in the Water Fowl Habitat in the poultry area. Bantam and Tinted categories join the Egg Competition, and demos answer what separates good eggs from bad.

More youth will strut their stuff with new Poultry, Dairy Cattle, Breeding Sheep, Goats and Alpaca categories of Youth Showmanship!

Tractor square dancing isn't enough fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat drama? Check out Chelee Warriors Mounted Archery demo for unparalleled athletic skill and equine beauty.

Low-Stimulation Shelters throughout the complex will offer a quiet, peaceful escape from crowds for those who have sensory challenges, or are just over-stimulated. 

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