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‚ÄčChesapeake Bay Foundation 

Healthy Soils, Healthy Waters

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation opened its office in Harrisburg in 1986, having been established in 1967. It is the largest independent conservation organization dedicated solely to saving the Bay.

As the Commonwealth provides half of the freshwater that flows into the Bay, reducing the pollution in the Keystone's State's rivers and streams first, is a focus of the CBF staff based in Pennsylvania. Best management practices in Pennsylvania to restore and protect the Bay pay dividends in enriching the health, recreational and economic welfare of Pennsylvanians.

CBF staff members are committed to work diligently with neighbor farmers in Pennsylvania to improve soil health, advocate for financial and technical assistance for clean water efforts that famers want to implement, an enhance and protect agricultural economic viability.

A keystone clean water commitment by CBF is to plant 10 million trees in the Commonwealth by the end of 2025. This challenge has taken the form of the Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership of nearly 150 partners in the Commonwealth. Many of these trees will be working to improve the quality of water that flows through Pennsylvania farms.