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​Virtual Exhibits

This is an educational collection of vendors, associations, educators and services that fill the booths at the virtual 2021 Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Browse through this fascinating list of Pennsylvania's finest opportunities, follow the links to videos and activities, and cultivate a brighter tomorrow with us.

You can explore these virtual exhibits from the comfort of your home. Join us down this fascinating rabbit hole of Pennsylvania agriculture!

Farm to Table

This Section of the Virtual Exhibit Hall introduces you to some of Pennsylvania's farms and food producers who have prepared educational, virtual exhibits.

Get an insider's look at how farmers are producing mushrooms, hemp, maple, cider and many other items. You will be amazed at the work behind the food on your table.

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Feeding the Future

Want to get more involved in agriculture? You've come to the right place! Get involved with FFA, become a dairy princess or attend a farm-themed summer camp. Consider the educational opportunities through Pasa Sustainable Agriculture workshops or career apprenticeships or investigate the programs at the Pennsylvania College of Technology.

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Growing Brighter

If you enjoy art, history books, and botanical gardens, this is the place for you! Open your mind to a unique learning experience. Learn what's cool about manufacturing, and so much more. Make sure to check out the AgExplorer stations while you're there.

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Home & Garden

What is a gourd good for? Are there invasive plant or insect species near me? How can I attract bluebirds to my yard? How do I make fabulous jam? The Home & Garden section offers informational sessions on these and many other fascinating topics.

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One Health

The health of soil, plant, animal, and man is one and indivisible. We're all connected. 

You have the power to protect water; avoid a tick bite and bring back pollinators through the practices you choose. Explore educational videos that not only tell you how, but why we should care about the impact of our individual practices.

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Partners in Service

Prepare to spend hours comparing fascinating maps, data and captivating photographs highlighting the work of Pennsylvania's scientists and engineers.

The Fish and Boat Commission has a huge collection of videos taking you to Pennsylvania waterways, explaining a mussel relocation project, a discussion on fly fishing equipment and lessons on how to draw and recognize various fish species.

See real world examples of how climate change already affects Pennsylvania through the Department of Environmental Protection's report, Pennsylvania's Changing Climate: What It Means For You.

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Powering Pennsylvania Agriculture

Find lessons on personal finance and getting a loan; step inside a horse racing track's stable, see a horse race from the jockey's perspective; play with the interactive New Holland virtual booth or visit a Pennsylvania pig farm through Pennsylvania Farm Bureau.

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