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​Thursday, January 14, 2021

7 a.m.

National Anthem

Join us as we salute America and all who have served this great country to defend our freedoms with a presentation of the National Anthem sung by Jessica Rife of Dauphin County.

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7:55 a.m.

A welcome message from state fair queen Grace VanSciver.

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8 a.m.

Spotted Lanternfly Control: By Kids, For Kids

Tune-in for a reading of a short story about the Spotted Lanternfly and how to control it, written and illustrated by students from around the commonwealth.

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Creating a Backyard Oasis for Wildlife
Penn State Extension

We will explore ways to create valuable wildlife habitat by landscaping with native plants as well as giving some tips on how to reduce potential problems with nuisance wildlife.

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8:30 a.m.

4-H Demonstration: Wildlife
Laurie Enders, Secretary, 4-H State Council

The Pennsylvania 4-H Wildlife and Forestry projects offer a host of opportunities for youth to learn and engage with the outdoors in meaningful ways. In this session, Pennsylvania State 4-H Council Secretary Laurie Enders will highlight these projects by demonstrating a variety of animal calls, showing how wildlife signs help display their behavior, displaying the importance of Pennsylvania's forests, and more!

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9:15 a.m.

Pond Management
Penn State Extension

What can you do in winter to prepare you pond for a successful spring and summer? Join Penn State Extension experts for a brief presentation followed by ample time for you to ask the experts all of your pond management questions.

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9:30 a.m.

Farm Show Rural Broadband Program
Pennsylvania State Grange

Universal access to Broadband (Internet and cell phone service) is the top legislative priority of the PA State Grange. The PA State Grange is sponsoring this program which looks at NEW BROADBAND LAWS enacted during the recently concluded legislative session AND discusses what's next in universal access to high-speed Broadband.

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10 a.m.         

Panel Discussion: Cultivating Diversity
How Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are Strengthening Agriculture

We must feed equality to feed the future. The Department of Agriculture is committed to combatting the injustices that have prevented equal access to opportunity throughout the agriculture industry. Join Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding and (list of groups) as we embrace Cultivating Diversity.   

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11 a.m.

STEM Demonstration - Color Explosion!

Join us for a dairy colorful explosion! With just three simple ingredients, you can make colors dance in a pool of milk and learn about the composition of milk. Get ready with milk, food coloring, and dish soap.

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12 p.m.

Kitchen Kids: Tex-Mex Meatballs

Jodi & Callie Gauker, Gauker Beef Farms

Calling all kids!  Put on your apron, wash your hands and report to the kitchen. Review the recipe and line up your Pennsylvania ingredients.

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Launching Online Sales
Pennsylvania Agricultural Business Development Center

As a result of the pandemic, the business climate has changed forever. Online sales are essential for success. The Pennsylvania Agricultural Business Development Center, funded through Governor Wolf’s PA Farm Bill, is offering this as part of a free series on business planning and marketing workshops through a partnership with the Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers during the virtual 2021 Pennsylvania Farm Show.

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Silviculture Aspects of American Chestnut & Implications for Species

Sara Fern Fitzsimmons, TACF Director of Restoration and Northern Appalachian Regional Science Coordinator

The American chestnut (Castanea dentata) was once found throughout the forests of the Appalachian Mountains and was a primary component of Pennsylvania’s forests. In the 1800s, plant importation brought with it a devastating fungal disease that all but eliminated the American chestnut from its original range. Researchers at Penn State have been on the forefront to restore this species, exploring the many facets required for the reintroduction of disease-resistant populations.

The Appalachian forest ecosystem is vastly different now than it was over 100 years ago when the American chestnut was often the dominant species of a stand. Invasive and exotic vegetation, introduced diseases and pests, ravenous and excessive deer herds, overdevelopment, and threats of climate change face a species made effectively dormant by introduced disease.

Given all those hurdles, one might think working toward chestnut restoration is simply a setup for defeat. Luckily, current research suggests populations of American chestnut could be self-sustainable, despite changing pressures, within the next 50 – 100 years.

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1 p.m.

Veteran Farmer Spotlight: Heritage Meadows Farm, U.S. Air Force Veteran

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Being an EggSpert: Buying & Cooking Eggs

Penn State Extension

How are eggs sold, how to select cartons properly, and what are the different types of eggs. A short description on egg cooking methods.

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PA Farm Show Agricultural Law Symposium

Chesapeake Bay Developments: Moving the Ball or the Goal Line

Brook Duer (Staff Attorney) from the Center will moderate a discussion between special guests Lara B. Fowler, Esq. of Penn State Law and Paul Goeringer, Esq. from the University of Maryland, College Agriculture and Natural Resources on the recently filed Chesapeake Bay litigation against the EPA,  the pending Conowingo Dam re-licensure settlement and the impending Conowingo Watershed Implementation Plan.   


2:15 p.m.

PA Farm Show Agricultural Law Symposium (continued)

Pesticide Drama and Non-Target Liability

Jackie Schweichler (Staff Attorney) and Chloe Marie (Research Specialist) from the Center will review civil liability for non-target property damage from dicamba and other pesticides/herbicides, 2020's court-ordered dicamba registration cancellation and new 5-year EPA registration, the status of glyphosate personal injury litigation/settlements and state actions on chlorpyrifos.   


2:30 p.m.

Fun with Plants: Plant-Based Tie Dye

Seed Your Future

Use vegetables like beets, parsley, spinach, carrot and red cabbage to create tie dyed clothing!  Gather your materials and follow along with the instructions

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Building soil, improving profits & reversing climate change through Regenerative Farming
Presenters: John Williamson and Eric Sauder, TeamAg Inc.

Regenerative agriculture helps farmers build resilient operations, advance conservation, and sequester carbon in healthy soils. In this session you will learn how to improve your soil health through regenerative agriculture and explore emerging opportunities for new revenue from carbon markets and regenerative products.

How to participate: Zoom (+1 646 558 8656, Meeting ID: 972 7322 1385)

3 p.m.

Let's Cook at Home for Weight Management
Penn State Extension

Let's Cook at Home for Weight Management features the scientifically backed, award-winning diet research by Penn State University researcher, Dr. Barbara Rolls. Learn about the Volumetric Diet and how to prepare foods for a healthy lifestyle and weight management.

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Farm Tour: Sterman Masser Potato Farms, Sacramento

Masser Potato Farms and the Masser family have been growing and delivering quality potatoes to the nation's finest retailers and foodservice operators for over 8 generations. Located in the beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch region of the Hegins and Lykens Valleys, Masser Potato Farms combines years of potato farming experience with today's newest technology to deliver the best quality potatoes at the best value. With integrated state-of-the-art operations, sustainable agricultural and supply chain practices, innovative new products, best-in-class category management, and customized marketing solutions, the Masser team delights their consumers and customers and delivers profitable category growth.

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3:30 p.m.

Farm Show History: 2000's

Learn about the traditional Pennsylvania Farm Show event, the sprawling facility, and the many changes that have taken place over the years as Jason Morgenstern, Building Maintenance Supervisor, presents the Farm Show History series.

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4 p.m.

Cooking Hacks with GIANT

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4:30 p.m.

Let's Make Dinner: Ranch Potatoes
Nathan Tallman, Principal CEO at The Pennsylvania Co-Operative Potato Growers, Kempton, Pennsylvania

Nathan Tallman is a Pennsylvania potato legacy. He grew up on a potato farm, helping his father, Bill Tallman, at the family farm in Tower City. In addition, both of Nathan's grandfathers — George Tallman and Roy Snyder — also grew spuds in the Keystone state.

Nate is an alumnus of Penn State University and in 2019 was named CEO of the Pennsylvania Co-Operative Potato Growers, a non-profit organization that's dedicated to the prosperity of state farmers.

Review the recipe in advance to have ingredients ready to cook along with our chef!

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5:00 p.m.

Pennsylvania Pairings: Bacon Jam and PA Cabernet Sauvignon
Perfectly paired Pennsylvania products!  Tune-in to get your daily fix of PA goodness. Enjoy the pairing from home, review the recipe to stock your PA ingredients.

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7 p.m.

Goodnight Story
Milk to Ice Cream

Kathy Hale, Librarian at the State Library of Pennsylvania

After a full day of Farm Show, there's nothing better than a goodnight story. Join Kathy Hale, a librarian at the State Library of Pennsylvania, as she reads Milk to Ice Cream.

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Michigan's Commercial Chestnut Industry: A Model for Pennsylvania

Roger Blackwell, President of New Era Chestnuts in Milford Michigan, hosted by Jim Searing, PA/NJ Chapter Board President

Roger Blackwell is President of New Era Chestnuts in Milford Michigan, a 20 year old growers cooperative that has produced over 200,000 pounds of chestnuts for sale in the high end US grocery market. Roger is an innovator, grower, teacher and advocate for reestablishing chestnut farming in the US. He also serves as President of the Chestnut Growers of America, representing over 100 growers that share information, support research, and breeding work and help others grow high quality chestnuts for the marketplace.

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8 p.m.

Panel Discussion: Cultivating Sustainability
Discover On-Farm Conservation Practices that Reduce Our Environmental Footprint

Keeping Pennsylvania growing means being good stewards of our natural resources. Join Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding and environmental leaders as they highlight investments in conservation and sustainability. The panel will also address water quality, farmland preservation, food waste efforts and climate smart agriculture. Cultivating Sustainability means protecting our natural resources for future generations.

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